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Soul Cafe Awards

Desire, determination, passion, perseverance, and prayer are key attributes that make-up entrepreneur Selena Taylor "aka" Taylormade.  A native of Seattle, Washington, a creative visionary, and women of faith, She refuses to allow difficulties and setbacks to hinder her progress. She has built a diverse and extensive network among the Pacific Northwest and ministry community. 


To quote Taylormade: "I am excited about the future of the Soul Cafe Awards and I'm very appreciative of the opportunity to work with so many wonderful people.  I believe the direction we are moving in will excite and inspire individuals, our partners, sponsors, and ministries in all parts of the World.

Selena A. Taylor

Taylormade Soundz

Founder & CEO

Soul Café Awards was conceptualized and brought to life by Taylormade Soundz (also known as Taylormade), a creative visionary with a passion for uplifting and honoring individuals and groups who are making a significant difference in the Pacific Northwest through their artistic pursuits. This esteemed awards ceremony, which originated in the Pacific Northwest, has now expanded to various parts of the United States, as it seeks to identify and celebrate gifted and talented creatives who are deserving of special recognition.

At the core of Soul Café Awards is the desire to encourage and empower artists by making them feel seen and valued for the contributions they make to the world through their work. Taylormade's elegant and vibrant events are designed to foster a sense of community, collaboration, and networking, providing a dynamic atmosphere for artists to connect and showcase their talents.

However, Soul Café Awards is much more than just a one-time event. The process of recognizing and honoring talented artists can create a ripple effect, inspiring others to follow in their footsteps and share their own unique gifts with the world. In this way, Soul Café Awards serves as a creative contagion, promoting the growth and expansion of the artistic community as a whole.

Moreover, Soul Café Awards serves as a powerful vehicle for creating and sharing unity and love wherever it goes. As the awards ceremony continues to expand and touch more lives, Taylormade and her team look forward to building strong connections and collaborating with others who share their passion for honoring and uplifting creatives. Through their collective efforts, they hope to inspire positive change and foster a more vibrant and thriving artistic community for generations to come.

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