Soul Cafe Awards

Desire, determination, passion, perseverance, and prayer are key attributes that make-up entrepreneur Selena Taylor "aka" Taylormade.  A native of Seattle, Washington, a creative visionary, and women of faith, She refuses to allow difficulties and setbacks to hinder her progress. She has built a diverse and extensive network among the Pacific Northwest and ministry community. 


To quote Taylormade: "I am excited about the future of the Soul Cafe Awards and I'm very appreciative of the opportunity to work with so many wonderful people.  I believe the direction we are moving in will excite and inspire individuals, our partners, sponsors, and ministries in all parts of the World.

Selena A. Taylor

Taylormade Soundz

Founder & CEO

Soul Café Awards (SCA) was birthed through the visionary of Taylormade Soundz (also known as Taylormade) for the sole purpose of honoring and recognizing individuals and groups that are making a difference in the Pacific Northwest through creative arts.


SCA originated in the great Pacific Northwest and continues to expand to many parts of the United States.  SCA identifies gifted and talented groups and individuals that deserve to be recognized in a special and intentional way.


We want to see creatives encouraged by letting them know they are seen, and their work is making an impact in the world.


You never know what to expect from Taylormade’s (aka Selena) elegant and fun-filled events but what you can expect is that the atmosphere will be dynamic and that SCA is centered around community, collaboration, and networking. 


SCA is more than an event, however. The process of recognizing and honoring those who are sharing their gifts and talents with the world will act as a creative contagion; because what we celebrate, we will create more of. It is our hope that as we locate and celebrate these artists, we will encourage and catalyze other artists to share their gifts as well.   


SCA will be used as a vehicle to continually create and share unity and love everywhere we go. We look forward to connecting and building with others around this work.